Climate neutral overnight stays and CO2 certificate

CO2- Zertifikat and Climate neutral Overnight stay

Hotel Am Hohenzollernplatz Bonn Viabono Zertifikat

Part of our sustainability considerations

Viabono® Carbon footprint for the hospitality industry

We have interest, nature and environment as far as possible. This is why, as a part of our sustainability considerations, we have decided to have the hotel certified by VIABONO with a CO2 footprint.


Viabono GmbH has made a name for itself as an independent and leading professional organization for sustainability certification in the leisure, travel and tourism sectors. The main objective of Viabono is to certify and promote a modern environmental and climate friendly tourism in Germany in a practical and credible way.

Viabono writes: "
Um dem umweltbewussten Gast die Möglichkeit zu bieten, klimafreundliche Betriebe schnell und einfach zu erkennen sowie aktiv am Klimaschutz teilzunehmen, entwickelte Viabono den CO2-Fußabdruck für das Gastgewerbe. Durch diesen CO2-Fußabdruck werden die CO2-Emissionen, welche ein Betrieb innerhalb eines Jahres verursacht, gemessen. Die entstehenden Emissionen werden z. B. durch die An- und Abfahrt von Mitarbeitern oder durch den Heizungs- und Stromverbrauch verursacht. Die CO2-Emissionen werden mit einem CO2-Rechner - validiert durch das Institut für Energie, Ökologie und Ökonomie (DFGE) - ermittelt. So kann die Höhe der verursachten Emissionen für den jeweiligen Betrieb auf wissenschaftlicher Basis berechnet werden."

After evaluating the survey of our data of the hotel, we have been evaluated with the climate efficiency class "A" since Novembre 2018. The calculated value of 9.35 kg / overnight is located in the climate efficiency class A. By taking into account the concerns of the protection of monuments and the architectural conditions, but we are still struggling.

Climate neutral accommodation - for our environment

Our compensation project "Soddo Reforestation Ethiopia" for your climatic stay

As part of the cooperation with VIABONO, we offer you, our dear guests, the opportunity to organize your stay with us in a climatic context. This costs you 0.23€ / night / person (incl. VAT), the entire amount flows into a CO2 project. Thus, you can actively contribute to the climatic accommodation.

How does a climate stay?

The CO2 emissions of our hotel of a total of 74.46 t CO2 per year recorded by VIABONO can be compensated partly or completely by the support of certified reforestation and re-irrigation projects. For this we need the assistance of you, our guest. You can support this by your contribution of 0.23€ / night / person (incl. VAT). The more involved, the more tons of CO2 can be compensated. These reafforestation projects are of course subject to strict guidelines and are certified with the highest international standard

Our Reforestation Project: CO2OL "Soddo Reforestation Ethiopia"

Local communities have developed the afforestation project in Soddo about 300 kilometers southwest of the capital Addis Ababa together with the non-governmental organization World Vision. The members of the five communities living here in the high mountainous region of South Ethiopia near Mount Damota are directly responsible for the project implementation. The aim is to protect the heavily degraded forest on the slopes of Mount Damota and to plant new trees, thereby contributing to a long-term regeneration of the ecosystem in the region. The project is not only an outstanding example of local co-determination but also achieves numerous positive effects for species diversity, climate protection and regional development. Read here a detailed description of the project ( and look at the film ( Movie/).

Why in Ethiopia and not in Germany?

One aim of the certificate trade is to allow climate protection measures to take place where they are most effective. Only a few years remain to prevent the global temperature from rising by more than two degrees. For these reasons, it is sensible (also from the point of view of climate protection) to forestall also in Ethiopia.

Book climate-neutral contribution

You can book your climatic contribution of 0,23€ / night / person (incl. VAT) together with your reservation on our homepage online under the additional service. Book now (