Social commitment


Social commitment is part of the corporate philosophy


For example, we support the holders of the honorary card of the city of Bonn with a reduced overnight stay price, help in the execution of the organized from the neighborhood Hohenzollernplatzfestes and support local associations in the implementation of their actions.

Zonta Club Bonn Rheinaue

join in - help - win


Advent Calendar 2018; Information on the pages of the ZONTA Club. We support the projects by providing profits and wish everyone a lot of fun and keep their fingers crossed.

HAND IN HAND FOR TANZANIA e.V. - for education, health and family

And we support the association HAND IN HAND FOR TANZANIA e.V., which one employee founded in 2017. The club founder is a matter of the heart. We would like to introduce this club briefly.

The recognized as a charitable association, is committed to improving the living conditions in Tanzania. The association helps children in poor families, cooperates on-site with NGOs and churches to provide educational services, and provides medical equipment to doctors and hospitals.
Information on the website of the association:

The photos give a first impression of the work of the association; all rights are with HAND IN HAND FOR TANZANIA e.V.
When booking through our website or at our reception, you have the opportunity to donate for the association. We pass these amounts 1: 1 to the club.